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123 Rent Pay is your trusted rental property tenant.

Landlords and property managers face finding worthy renters that can pay on time, care for the property and be good communicators. It’s a time-consuming process with a gamble on the outcome. We eliminate the risk.


Your Best Tenant...Ever

We love managing properties and being multi-property owners for over a decade; we know how hard it is to find a good tenant. After working on successful short-term rentals, we realized we were our own best tenants and now we want to be yours!

Why Lease with Us

Cleaning a Stove

We take care of your residence as if it were our own.


We pay the first month, last month, and security upfront with secure and timely payments.


Decrease your rental gap; our lease can evolve into multi-year agreements.

Surveillance Camera

We monitor the status and safety of your home, providing clear communications as needed.


We manage short-term renters, where you’ll have peace of mind through our lease agreement.


We carry rental insurance to ensure your home is always in prime condition.

How it Works

Contact us about becoming your tenant. If your home matches our short-term rental business, we’ll sign a single to multi-year lease.

Share your property with us 

Thanks. We'll get in touch soon!

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